Below you will see a timeline that shows the history of Strategix alongside other major events. From Strategix early creation to the first steps on the market to its new business direction, we will follow the ups and downs of the company history.

1996 – 1999

Jan Hanussek, founder of Strategix works for Intactix with the team of people who co-invented and developed Category Management. The tools developed by Intactix become the most widely used in retail and FMCG industries. Nowadays, Jan‘s peers run their own companies or head large organizations, still faithful to serving the manufacturing and retailing industries.


After Intactix had been acquired by JDA, Jan Hanussek starts his own business under the name “Jan Hanussek EDV-Beratung”.


Our company grows and gets converted into Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH. In joint venture with SAP SI Strategix develops standardized middleware allowing providers of Category Management tools to interface and get certified with SAP Retail.


Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH business is focusing on SAP Retail and systems integration for multiple software vendors.


OEM Agreement with SAP; Krzysztof Rozpara joins the company.

Strategix web based mobile Category Management components get embedded into multiple SAP applications.


Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH exclusive reseller agreement with JDA for D-A-CH and Eastern Europe.


Strategix sp. z o. o. is being founded as a branch of Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH in Poland. The year is also marked by the extensive software development, with products like Strategix-Chamelleon, Strategix-Organizer, Strategix-Link, Strategix-Collector and SAP CM Workbench being created.


Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH opens up its first office in Russia in St. Petersburg which is later relocated to Moscow.


Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH innovative solutions are implemented by multiple leading manufacturers in Europe and United States.


Major investors approach Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH in order to finance the development. The negotiations are interrupted by the global financial crisis.


JDA acquires 49% of Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH and acquires IP rights for selected solutions. Strategix focuses on sales and systems integrations.


Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH keeps growing dynamically.


Joint venture with ISCS, an Israeli based SCM specialist: Strategix International GmbH The focus of the joint venture is development of JDA based SCM business in Russia.


SCM business grows at rate 100% per year.


Due to unpredictable challenges on the Russian market, Strategix International GmbH suffers significant loses and goes out of business.


Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH gets restructured and the JDA shares are bought back by the original shareholders.


Further restructuring and joint-venture with CFT. Inc provides access to significant development resources. Strategix CFT GmbH starts the development of the new generation of its mobility solutions.


In order to speed up the development Strategix CFT GmbH performs a spin-off of the development to C&S.


Strategix CFT GmbH goes back to its roots and refocuses on system integration of multi-vendor solutions, SAP integration and development of its own mobility solutions complementing Category Management.

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