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Assortment Optimization

Achieving Localized Consumer-centric Assortments and Streamlined Execution

There are thousands of products on the market, but which one to pick? Help your customer to keep the overview and facilitate the choice, by offering customer- and store-specific assortments. Consumer driven Category Management is about presenting the right product, in the right place and at the right store. Without any tool in place allowing to automate routine processes and support assortment decisions, assortment planning and optimization becomes very cumbersome.

Space Management

Improve Profitability by Assigning the Right Space to Each Category and Product

Given that retail space is an extremely valuable asset in any store – how can we use that space to maximize returns per square and linear meter? Optimized allocation processes and efficient distribution of shelf space ensure sustainable gains. Furthermore, through optimized store-specific planograms you can increase your revenue and provide your customers with a satisfactory shopping experience.

Total Store

Store Space sizing to Maximize Profits

Retailers often see top down but miss the bottom up. They can identify trends and clusters at a high level but they don’t have visibility down to the store level. At the store level, real estate is expensive and labor budgets are tight. More importantly the relationship between increasing linear space of the item, category, section or store and realized benefits is not all linear, but diminishing.  Therefore, it is crucial to understand where space changes will deliver the biggest return on your investment.

3D Visualization

3D Visualization for High-impact Story Telling and Interactive Experiences

There is an old English saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” that refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed in a simple way when using a picture. The same rule applies when one presents data using 3D visualization. Thanks to 3D technology you can take your storytelling to the next level and make sure your audience truly understands your message.  In today’s digitally-enabled world more and more businesses see the need for a realistic 3D experience of products, shelves and stores – even before they exist. Go beyond physical limits of space and build your products, shelves and stores in a realistic virtual environment.

Price and Promotion Optimization

Delivering Bottom-line Results by Providing Shoppers with the Right Offer in the Right Channel

Price is a retailer’s biggest margin lever yet the potential for getting price wrong has increased exponentially. Raised shopper price sensitivity, price transparency and competitive pricing wars have led to margin erosion. Such circumstances have incentivized retailers to take a more disciplined approach toward price and promotions management. Most of the time promotions do not deliver a desired effect. Therefore, it has become one of the biggest challenges for every retailer to win the battle for brand image and consumer loyalty, without getting into a downward spiral of decreased margins and sales.


Consumer Oriented Integration of Online and Offline Retail: Connected Commerce

Today’s hybrid shopper does not have any channel preference but mix and matches different communication, information and sales channel situationally. Consequently, time-deficient consumers demand convenience. Simultaneously, retailers are going through a major transformation as brick and mortar stores are adopting more of an online store experience and vice versa. Thus, channel itself is becoming less defined and what truly counts is net sales.


Supply Chain Management

It is Time to Run a Real-time Supply Chain to Achieve Faster-than-fast Responsiveness

Retailers recognize the complexity of their current supply chains and lack of innovative tools as well as effective processes to manage this complicated value chain. Additionally, the phenomenon of omnichannel shopper only adds to the growing demands on supply chain. To survive and thrive under such circumstances, retailers are realizing they must do more than just improve their operations. They are being forced to completely transform their business and supply chain models by transforming their operations to highly agile and customer-centric.

Field Execution

The Key to Category Management Lies in Execution

A plan without precise and diligent execution often does not achieve desired effects. Point of sale execution remains the biggest challenge of Category Management. It really depends on streamlined processes and seamless communication between the HQ and stores, as well as alignment between systems and users. Instructions need to be clear and simple, so errors are minimized and knowledge transfer, in an economy of high employee turnover, is secured.

SAP Integration

Moving from Individual Island Solutions to an Integrated IT Landscape

As a global market leader of ERP systems, for many retailers and manufacturers SAP is their source of master data. All major decisions and processes go through SAP.

In fact, this is a call for an integrated IT landscape, more flexibility, reliability and innovation of Category Management and SAP. Streamline your SAP and Category Management processes for more efficient planogram building, planogram-to-store assignment, assortment listing process and many more.

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