When you want the best results, you must be able to rely on competent and experienced support. We want to make sure you not only have the technology to grow, but also the necessary support from experts so you can focus on your next big idea. From consulting to large scale implementations to planogram service on demand, we want to be your one-stop shop for all Category Management concerns.

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System Integration

It is All about Creating One Version of the Truth

One enterprise with multiple IT systems can result in confusion, inefficiencies and decreased productivity. Therefore the key to a successful investment in IT technology is the seamless implementation, migration and update of the system. We provide integrated environments to achieve operational excellence – from requirements planning to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond based on best-practice methodologies and industry experience.

Our successfully executed projects worldwide reflect our competence and over 15 years of service experience with multiple vendors.

Application Training

Get Everyone Up-to-speed Faster!

We understand that next to the technical tools and data management infrastructure, the intellectual abilities and skills are equally important. That is why we offer our clients a range of expert based in-house and virtual training for all our solutions. Such support will help to get your new associates quickly up-to-speed and show them how to leverage advanced software capabilities we offer.

Coaching & Consulting

Get Maximum Benefits from Your IT Investment

Every business is different; therefore individual coaching and consulting is crucial. It is about translating the strategy and aligning business and technical processes. Deepen your business understanding with Strategix and become an expert in maximizing your gain from the software. We base our coaching and consulting on profound experience and best-practices from the industry.

One thing you cannot buy is experience – and this is our most valuable asset that we want to share with you.

Planogram Service

Store-specific Planograms Starting from 50€

Many Category Management teams are facing lack of time, personell and technical know-how in delivering planograms in high volume. Thanks to our practical experience gained in multiple projects in various industries and our deep knowledge in this area, we can support your business in the definition of merchandising rules and planogram creation.

You already have cluster planograms, but are looking for support in creating store- or customer-specific planograms? Our consultants use best-of-breed solutions on the market to create store-specific planograms en masse in a matter of seconds.

Product Data Collection and Maintenance

The Key is in Your Data – Increase the Quality and Consistency of Your Data

Even the best software is only as good as the data it is fed with. Many businesses are still struggling to acquire and maintain the correct data on a constant basis. It is a common issue that needs to be tackled – but is it really your job to maintain product dimensions and take pictures of products?

We believe not! We provide data maintenance on a continuous basis as well as on demand, enabling you to focus on more strategic activities.

Value Added Support / Helpdesk

We Provide Local, Experienced and Customer-centric Support.

We are here to support you with your ongoing business — so you can work more efficiently and if you do face issues, you can trust to get your answers FAST. With more than 15 years of close engagement with the JDA Category Management Portfolio, Strategix has developed in-depth knowledge of JDA applications and related Category Management business processes that we want to share with our customers. Our goal is to enable you to get the full benefits of your IT investments in JDA.

Bespoke Development

Providing Powerful Customized Development for Each and Every Need

In today´s diverse world of retailers and manufacturers, one thing is sure; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore we provide bespoke software development tailored to meet individual customer needs.

We are able to identify customer needs on a business level and translate it into technical functionalities to extend the potential of your existing IT environment.

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