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Strategix is a boutique consulting company driven by a belief that there’s an easier way – that purpose is at the heart of everything we do.

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Österreichischer Marktführer REWE International entscheidet sich für die Zusammenarbeit mit Strategix bei der Entwicklung einer agilen und integrierten Sortiments- und Flächensteuerung mittels JDA Category Management, Mai 2018

Die Strategix CFT GmbH gibt bekannt, dass der erfolgreichste Lebensmittelhändler in Österreich, die REWE International AG, ihr bestehendes Space Management Konzept ersetzt, um ihre Sortiments- und Flächen-Strategien besser umzusetzen und die Kundenerwartungen präziser zu adressieren.
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17 – 18 September 2019 | Paris | France

18 – 19 September 2019 | Essen | Germany

9 Mai 2019 | Düsseldorf | Germany

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Strategix matches the right budget with the right solution with the right people for every individual project. By focusing on Category Management and its overlapping topics, we provide customer-oriented solutions and not just software.

We understand that to make sure that we provide solutions that really meet our clients needs we need to provide solutions that are vendor-independent, simple and based on profound experience.


We work with selected partners who are open for collaboration and customers’ suggestions. This flexibility allows us to focus on client’s requirements and situational limitations.

+25 years of Experience

Ever since the birth of Category Management (beginning of the 90s) we have been involved in business and software-related topics. Hence we are able to base our solutions on best-practices from the industry.

Keep it simple

If a process or a software was too easy, too simple it could not prove high value – that used to be a common belief. Nevertheless, today we understand that the operational execution of Category Management is the biggest challenge and, indeed, it is vital to keep it as simple as possible.

“The solution implemented by Strategix has provided effective support for assortment and space management processes for the typical assortment, as well as for more complex ones such as vegetables and fruits, textiles, promotional and seasonal zones, etc. The right product in the right place is just the beginning of the whole process. We have noticed that implemented solutions is bringing quantifiable benefits, i.e. double-digit growth.”

Roman Szymanda, Category Management Manager, Intermarché


Austria’s #1 Retailer REWE International has Decided to Work with Strategix to Develop an Agile and Integrated Space and Assortment Planning by means of JDA Category Management, May 2018

Strategix CFT GmbH announces that the most successful food retailer in Austria REWE International AG replaces its existing space management system to overhaul its floor and space strategies to best address consumer expectations.


17 – 18 September 2019 | Paris | France

18 – 19 September 2019 | Essen | Germany


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